Performing Arts

Students take part in one session of Performing Arts every week. For Year 1 to 6 students the chosen Performing Arts subject is Music.


The music curriculum is taught in a sequential manner that allows students to progressively develop their skills through singing and performing. Students concurrently develop skills in improvisation, composition, music theory and aural skills in an active and experiential learning environment. Music repertoire is carefully selected to progressively develop students’ skills as well as expose them to a range of musical genres and styles.

This approach is primarily based around the use of the voice, movement and body percussion. As students develop their skills, they are gradually introduced to tuned and un-tuned percussion then the ukulele and recorder. The use of digital technologies is incorporated where appropriate to enhance and expand students’ musical understandings.


The school offers the opportunity to participate in choir. There are no auditions held, with all interested students welcome to join.  The choir is set up as an educational choir where students will develop their singing skills both individually and collectively. The choir aims to perform at school assemblies, special functions and outside music festivals and events.

Further information visit Western Australian Curriculum -The Arts