Our Vision and Values

Welcome Leinster Community School where we are committed to providing quality education in an inclusive, caring and supportive learning environment.

The school provides a diversity of programs and opportunities for all children within a unique physical environment. We have a strong emphasis on student well-being and on developing students’ skills in Literacy and Numeracy using current technologies such as iPads and computers. We have a positive and dedicated staff who work together cohesively across the school and are committed to the education of our students.

Leinster Community School develops an engaging and challenging environment that promotes a community of learners and prepares them as successful and valuable members of an ever-changing future society.

We strive to:

  • Implement strong educational programs
  • Develop strong collaborations and partnerships
  • Build staff capacity and leadership
  • Provide students with opportunities comparable or better than those available in Perth
  • Do everything we can for our students

Our Motto:
Engage – Challenge – Succeed

Our Keys to Success:
We instil the You Can Do It keys to Success into all aspects of the school:

  • Confidence
  • Persistence
  • Getting Along
  • Resilience
  • Organisation

We are constantly striving to find better ways of improving using latest evidence and research to guide quality teaching and learning. We always ensure learning programs and strategies value-add to learning and that our vision is at the core.