Kindergarten Program

Kindergarten is the time for your child to take his/her first steps in the education system. The educational program provided by our school deals with social, emotional, physical and intellectual skills.

It is a balance between play based learning and formal activities completed individually, in small groups or in whole class task. The learning activities are planned in accordance with the Early Years Learning Framework and the Western Australian Curriculum.

The program is one of readiness, a time for a child to gain a range of skills, concepts and attitudes that will help him/her be ready for primary school via a process of steady growth and discovery. If learning is an enjoyable process, this encourages a positive attitude toward more formal and individual learning.

Our school aims to provide an environment in which each child is free to observe, question, explore and experiment. Children learn to become independent and discover things for themselves. They learn to respect themselves and the needs and feelings of others.

Play is a major part of Early Childhood Education. Some parents wonder why so much of the time is spent playing rather than learning the alphabet or mathematical skills. The reason the sandpit or the puzzle corners are important is that all avenues of play are valuable in the development of the skills necessary for learning. It also helps facilitate a wide range of relationships.

What Do I Learn?

  • I learn to be away from you – and this may take me some time
  • I learn to work with teachers and other adults
  • I learn to work with a large group of children
  • I learn to work alone
  • I learn to share and co-operate
  • I learn simple rules and routines
  • I learn to complete a task or activity
  • I learn to question and answer
  • I learn to be independent – but not afraid to ask for help
  • I learn to select and choose
  • I learn to share my family and experiences with others

Parent Help Roster

A roster will be available for parents to choose when they would like to visit and help with a session but feel free to volunteer at any time through the class teacher. If you have any special skills, please let us know.

Please sign in at the front office prior to attending the Kindergarten for parent help. You will also be asked to complete a Department of Education Confidential Declaration Form which is available via the office.