Lunch at School

Lunch and Recess Arrangements

Kindergarten and Pre Primary students eat together in the K/PP play area. Year 1 to Year 12 students play first (12:40-1:05) and eat second (1:15-1:20). We have found this to work extremely well and students are ready to learn and settled when they return to class.

Please provide your child with a healthy lunch, which is essential for growing bodies and to give your child enough energy for the day. Refrigeration is available for lunches during hotter weather.

Lunch Orders

Lunch orders are available on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday and can now be placed through the MyPreOrder app on your smart phone device.

The lunch order service is provided externally by the Gold n Nickel Tavern and we’re appreciative of being able to offer all families with a contactless way to order student lunches moving forward.

This is app is free to download, there is no minimum spend amount and there are no credit card surcharge fees applied to your order when utilising this service.

Step one: Download the MyPreOrder app on your mobile device.

Step two: Search for Leinster Community School to commence the lunch order process through the app and follow the steps.

Step three: Finalise your order no later than 10am for same day orders, or place your order in advance.

The menu is available on the MyPreOrder app.