Student Services

Students identified as requiring learning adjustments are provided targeted support through documented plans in SEN, Reporting to Parents. These are developed collaboratively with the classroom teacher and SAER coordinator.

The SAER coordinator will be also working with students who require extra support. These students will be identified by the classroom teacher.

The school psychologist is employed as a 0.14 FTE, attending LCS 5 days/term. He works closely with the SAER coordinator. Key roles of the school psychologist include: support for staff to assist students with learning difficulties, engagement in case conferences with parents, teachers, and outside agencies conducting student observations, cognitive testing, and risk assessments.

Pastoral care complements the learning support program and assists students to become well-adjusted and mentally resilient. If a student has a worry or concern, they, their teacher or parents are able to refer themselves to the school chaplain.

In areas of enrichment, we offer STEAM club which is run by our specialist science teacher. Philosophy for children is held weekly at lunch for selected students identified by the classroom teachers.


If your child is unwell we request that they stay home as this can comprise their learning as well as the health of other children and staff.

Please ensure that the school has up to date contact information for yourself as well as the emergency contact.

If your child needs to leave during the school day, please visit the front office in order to sign them out.


If your child has been prescribed medication that requires administration during the school day, it can only be provided under the following conditions:

  • Your child is well enough to attend school
  • Parents complete the Authority to Give Medication form available from the front office
  • The medication has been prescribed by a doctor
  • Your child’s name is on the label
  • The medication has the correct dosage clearly written on the label

Please note, medication can only be administered by office staff, it cannot be administered by classroom teachers.

Sun Care

Each class is supplied sunscreen for student use; should your child require a particular sunscreen parents are asked to provide this. We also have a strict “no hat, no play” policy in place.

Allergy Awareness

Leinster Community School is an Allergy Aware school in which we teach students about the potential dangers of food swapping. We also educate the students on foods that are most common in causing allergic reaction, and ask that students do not bring any food to school that contains nuts.