Communication with School

Parent Teacher Meetings

Teachers are happy to see parents at any time during the year to discuss their child’s progress and achievements. However, teachers are unable to see parents before school as it interferes with the student/teacher interaction that we nurture at this time. Parents can organise a time with the teacher either in person, via email or by phoning the school on 9037 9086.

The Principal and Deputy Principal are always willing to discuss any school matters with parents. Please phone the front office to arrange an interview. 

Concerns/Complaints Management Process

The school has a ‘Complaints Management Process’. A copy is available from the office or school website. We take all concerns and complaints seriously and where appropriate follow- up is provided. All resolutions are objective and we always aim to provide a positive outcome for all parties. 

Contacting the School

Parents are encouraged to contact their classroom teacher as the first point of call with any concerns
9037 9086. 

Schoolstream App

Leinster Community School communicates by using the app. Download the apple or android schoolstream in the the app store.

Emergency Contacts

It is important that parents keep their contact and emergency contact details (including email) current so that a designated point of contact is available to the school at any given time. 

Update your Details